Eating in Santa Teresa

Rio de Janeiro boasts being one of the most visited and culturally diverse places in the Southern Hemisphere, home to an array of top attractions including one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This has led to the establishment of many successful restaurants. We highlight some of the best restaurants that celebrate the best of the city’s local culture.

The gastronomy of Rio de Janeiro is packed with intense flavors, spices and variety; a perfect illustration of the city’s rich history. The local dishes are mainly influenced by the Portuguese colonizers and the African slaves who arrived in the city from the late 17th century.


Espírito Santa

Espírito Santa

At the Espírito Santa head chef Natacha Fink creates Brazilian cuisine with an Amazonian twist, inspired by her Amazonian roots. The menu features adventurous flavors, and great attention to detail. The signature starter is the tambaqui (a popular Amazonian fish) lightly breaded and served with a pesto of jambu herbs. The Espírito Santa is housed in a 19th century building sitting right beside the tram line, just outside the busy streets of the neighborhood’s many bars and galleries. Perched on a hill, the restaurant provides impressive views overlooking Santa Teresa.

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