Casa da feijoada

Restaurants traditionally serve feijoada, Brazil’s savory national dish, on Saturday, but here the huge pots of the stew simmer every day. You can choose which of the nine types of meat you want in your stew, but if it’s your first time, waiters will bring you a “safe” version with sausage, beef, and pork—sans feet and ears. The feijoada comes with the traditional side dishes of rice, collard greens, farofa (toasted and seasoned manioc flour), aipim (cassava), torresminho (pork rinds), and orange slices. The set meal price includes an appetizer portion of black-bean soup and sausage, a choice of dessert, and a lime or passion-fruit batida (creamy cachaça cocktail). The menu also features options such as baked chicken, shrimp in coconut milk, grilled trout, and filet mignon. Desserts include quindim (a yolk-and-sugar pudding with coconut crust) and Romeo and Juliet (guava compote with fresh cheese). The caipirinhas are made not only with lime but also with tangerine, passion fruit, pineapple, strawberry, or kiwi. Be careful—they’re strong.

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