Marrying in Rio

From the world’s largest art deco sculpture, Christ the Redeemer, to the high peaks of Sugarloaf and Corcovado, this sprawling and vibrant city is quite a wonder from above. Its lavish theaters and museums, centuries-old monasteries, golden beaches and samba clubs mingle effortlessly, providing any Rio de Janeiro wedding both flare and drama. Nowhere is this more evident than the epic and iconic Copacabana beach, where locals gather each night to clap for the sun as it sets.

Have you ever dreamed that this amazing beautiful piece of the world can be your weeding background? Some companies now have been doing destination weddings, a type of wedding planner that will help you to marry in the city/scenery of your dreams. Rio de Janeiro is the city know by it’s people, happiness and love, and of course the beautiful beaches and landscapes and that’s precisely why e a lot of companies have been helping lovely couples to achieve their dream’s wedding at the magical Rio de Janeiro scenery.

There is some things that need to be checked before even thinking about it! Check below the requirements:

An application form, passport copies, original birth certificates, declaration of civil status, and single status forms are required. A marriage notice must also be published in the local paper 15 days prior to your Brazil wedding. Divorce and death decrees are required if applicable. Check with your Certified Destination Wedding Specialist for more details.

There is a lot of amazing revenues ready to be the place where you’ll say “I do”!

Hotel Caesar Park Ipanema

Ipanema Beach tops the must-see list for every visitor to this city. This 222 room and suite resort furnishes breathtaking views of the beach and sea.The twenty-first floor’s Imperial Suite – is a 488 – square-foot wonder..
Ocean views flank every room in the new Convention Center, where up to 200 people attend social and business functions.

Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

This resort is located on the famous Copacabana beach and is considered one of the most prestigious hotels in Rio de Janeiro. It has 388 rooms with terraces, 66 rooms with Club Millesime services and offers excellent local cuisine.
There a tons of other revenues but these two are the couple’s favorites!
 The best idea is to have a weeding planner and a on-site wedding coordinator, here at Rio to be sure you’ll get here and everything will be sparkling ready for you, your soul mate and your guests.
Here at Rio Summer  we got a especial link for you that enjoyed the idea:
So, let’s live our dreams!

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